Immediate Partnership Opportunities

Provide the FIRST BIBLE to new converts from Islam to Christianity. This includes the acquisition of the Farsi Bibles, shipment, storage, in-country transportation, and covert delivery to the recipient.

IRANIAN CHRISTIAN SATELLITE TV: Provides 24/7 programming for men, women, and children to penetrate Iran with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

MOHABAT TV COUNSELING CENTER & PRAYER LINE: Provides 24/7 access to talk with hurting people, share Jesus, and walk alongside them in their journey to Christ.

SUPERBOOK CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL: Transformative teaching to Muslim parents and children who have converted to Christianity and live in a persecuted country. This ministry opportunity allows for a new generation of disciples and leaders to be raised as Christians, which will undoubtedly impact the
country’s future.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY: Reaching the marginalized and traumatized women who live in a culture where exploitation, control, abuse, and violence are widely practiced. Women’s ministry is currently a major part of Heart4Iran’s work and has high-engagement.

ONLINE (VIRTUAL) CHURCH: This engages isolated believers and converts from Islam to Christianity and gives them their FIRST Christian fellowship experience. The weekly programming provides evangelism, discipleship, and tools to launch a house church. Currently, this platform is one of the most effective ministry tools we have. Spiritual and practical support is needed to maintain a high impact.

OPERATIONS: Heart4Iran is a global team. Many operate behind the scenes and risk their lives daily so that Christ can be known in this Islamic nation. Supporting Operations allows the ministry to continue to function in its highest capacity.