Iranians are rejecting Islam
AND being transformed by
the hope of ChrisT

On Iran's Nuclear Enrichment - Tunnel Complex at Natanz Nuclear Facility in Iran ‘Deeper Than Expected’ https://foreigndesknews.com/middle-east/iran/tunnel-complex-at-natanz-nuclear-facility-in-iran-deeper-than-expected/ via @foreigndesknews @Heart4Iran

30 Dec: #Christian #convert freed. #Iran Supreme Court says "propagating #Christianity" not "against national security"

15 Jan: Back in prison. Different judge says he should never have been acquitted of previous sentence for... "propagating Christianity" https://articleeighteen.com/news/10105/

Christian prisoner of conscience mourns death of only child https://articleeighteen.com/news/10040/ via @articleeighteen @Heart4Iran

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