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Iranians are rejecting Islam
AND being transformed by
the hope of Christ

August Campaign

Summer Awakening 2019

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Thank you for playing a vital part in what God is doing in Iran, by participating in the 2019 Summer Awakening – a three-month campaign to strengthen the emerging Christian movement in that country.

Helping fulfill
the Great Commission


Did you know that Bibles are illegal in Iran? And yet, we receive daily requests for them from the people inside Iran.


Help us give isolated Christians virtual training and support for the underground church movement.


Partner with us in fighting the spiritual battle of fulfilling the Great Commission throughout the nation of Iran.

“I had turned to prostitution to make a living but found myself depressed and disillusioned. I called the counselors at Mohabat TV for comfort. They told me about Jesus, His love and His forgiveness of my sins.”

Lila, from IRAN


Dr. Mike Ansari

Why is the church in Iran one of the fastest growing in the world? Despite the limitations of its national religion, many Iranians are going through an amazing spiritual journey leading them to the basic message of love, which was lived to its purest form by Jesus Christ.

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