Join the movement.

Be a voice for change in Iran.


Find out how 1979 Islamic Revolution, changed the Middle East for generations to come. Replacing a growing culture of education, thriving commerce and women’s rights under Islamic rule.


Together we can transform our world so that everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and worship, either individually or in community with others.


Offer a heart changing lifeline to millions through television broadcasting, social media sharing, and supportive avenues. Help connect Iranians  to a community of Jesus followers today.

“Thanks to our partnership with Heart4Iran, believers in Iran can access the Bible in Farsi, Dari, or Azeri from the privacy of their own homes via any telephone. What a tremendous blessing!  I am personally grateful for Dr. Ansari’s heart and willingness to leverage existing technology to make the Bible available to the people of Iran in a format that they can best use. May God continue to bless their work!” — Troy Carl, Faith Comes By Hearing