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A Bible into the Hands of Every Believer
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What does the Healing Word mean to you? The Western Church has the privilege of reading and praying with our Bibles daily– finding great peace, forgiveness, hope, and faith in the Word. Believers in Iran crave this same thing– they want more than what they face daily. These same people are now facing the controlling Iranian regime and are finding their voice like never before. They have taken to the streets to showcase their rights and freedom– they are hurting from such intense oppression, violence, and persecution. 
What can we, Christians in America, do?
Let us bring hope to the hopeless! Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that happens only once a year– we come together to share what God has blessed us with and bless those who need it more. Iranian Christ-seekers reach out to our team daily, asking for prayer, wanting to learn more about Jesus and Christian resources in their language, and making bold requests for their own Bible.
265 of these believers have made this request and are now on our Bible waitlist until we can fulfill it! Heart4Iran Ministries sees this great need, and we have the team and resources to answer this call– but we can only make this happen by banding together with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to do so. Spread the WORD with us and get a Bible into the hands of every believer! Will you join us TODAY and give the gift of the Gospel to 265 Christians in Iran? 
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