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In 2014, we started the Heart4Iran initiative.

Our goal?

To inspire the Western world with God’s amazing work among Muslims in Iran, to engage Christians in active prayer and generous financial partnership in reaching millions of Persians with the hope of Christ, and to transform their minds and hearts toward Muslims.


Who is Heart4Iran?

Heart4Iran is a partnership with more than over 40 active partners working together to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to the people of Iran. Mohabat TV is part of Heart4Iran. Together we assist new believers and growing churches, address current issues, and develop leaders who cultivate the spiritual growth of the Church among Persian speakers.

“Thanks to our partnership with Heart4Iran, believers in Iran can access the Bible in Farsi, Dari, or Azeri from the privacy of their own homes via any telephone. What a tremendous blessing!  I am personally grateful for Dr. Ansari’s heart and willingness to leverage existing technology to make the Bible available to the people of Iran in a format that they can best use. May God continue to bless their work!” — Troy Carl, Faith Comes By Hearing

What is Heart4Iran?

Heart4Iran is a new 501c3 dedicated to bringing inspiration, news, and the hope of the Christian movement in Iran to people in the Western church with the purpose of bringing financial resources and new ministry partnerships to the region.

What will Heart4Iran do?

Heart4Iran will maintain a website that highlights stories of change from inside of Iran as well as insights on effective ministry efforts in the region.Heart4Iran will also raise financial resources and awareness through public relations and fundraising activities. Finally, Heart4Iran will convene ministry partnerships toward the goal of reaching Iran with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why Heart4Iran?

For years, the growing Christian movement in Iran has gone largely unnoticed in the Western world, with almost zero mainstream media coverage and only a small percentage of all missions’ resources going to efforts to reach this critical nation. Heart4Iran will bring the cause of Iranian Christians and the hope of their struggle to the mainstream media and forefront of Christian philanthropy.

Why television broadcasting?

Iranian Christian satellite TV broadcasting has been a catalyst for incredible growth for the underground church inside Iran in the last decade. Both Muslims and Christians watch Mohabat TV’s  programs. An average of one million people regularly watch our shows to address their spiritual and life questions. For many viewers, Mohabat TV is a link to the Church inside and outside the country (the Body of Christ) and a safe place to gather for worship and Bible teaching.