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“First, we should share life with our Muslim friends… be a person that these people will see Jesus in. Second, we came to know Christ, not because Islam is wrong but because Jesus called us to follow Him… It’s only Jesus that could touch the hearts of people.” -Dr. Yassir Eric

Friday, October 30th 2020

With special guest panelists from Middle East Concern- Rob Duncan, Regional Manager, + Daniel Hoffman, Executive Director, we will be answering the following critical questions:
1) What are the different forms of persecution?
2) What is the church’s responsibility when persecution occurs?
3) When families are suffering, how do we help?
Let’s defend the religious freedom of Iranian Christians – together.

Friday, September 25th 2020

Featuring a discussion with Communio Messianica to discuss the plight of Muslim-Background-Believers and how we are positioning our ministries to bring a united front to this global population.

Reach Dr. Yassir Eric at info@friendsofcm.org.
Reach Rev. Harun Ibrahim at info@mbbglobal.net.

Friday, August 28th 2020

Join us as we dive into what work goes into training secret believers in Iran! With special guests from ICM, Janice Allen, CEO, & Nicholas Lombardi, VP, let’s unpack how to better serve the underground church together.

Friday, June 26th 2020

Join as for our LIVE Webinar discussing Iran’s newest threat to their secret Christian believers. Special thanks to our guest panelist, Dr. David Curry, President + CEO of Open Doors USA.
Help us get 1,000 Bibles into Iran here >> 1000bibles

Friday, May 22nd 2020

Reaching the Unreached will bring you an inside look on the Bible crisis in Iran and how Heart4Iran and Biblica are turning this around! Guest speakers Geof Morin, CEO of Biblica, and Luther Awad, MENA Area Ministry Director, will be sharing the radical impact their ministry is making in this nation.

Tuesday, May 5th 2020

Listen as guest speakers Dr. Yassir Eric, Dr. Sasan Tavasoli, Justin Murff, and Edwin Abnous discuss the:
Incarnational and Missional Implication of the Gospel
Socio-Political and Ecclesial Context. This interactive webinar takes questions from Facebook viewers and gives insight into the Virtual Church from a practical standpoint.

Friday, April 17th 2020

Guest speakers Todd Nettleton, Voice of Martyrs Radio, and Mansour Borji, Article 18, will be sharing the latest updates on persecution and advocacy news from Iran, and our own ministry leaders will discuss Iran’s struggle with COVID-19.

Friday, March 27th 2020

Ministering to a Nation in Crisis will bring you the latest updates on Iran & COVID-19, the Underground Church movement and prayer requests from inside the region.

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We go behind the scenes to baptisms of Iranian converts. These former muslim background believers prove God is moving in Iran. 

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Oppression is a disease. The gospel is the cure, and you are the means God uses to spread the salvation message of Jesus to the nation of Iran.

Seven Dollars Sends Hope

Did you know that Bibles are illegal in Iran? Their government is doing everything it can to stop the growth of God’s Word by spreading false bibles.

Our Response To COVID-19

Pandemics are an opportunity to lean in to crisis. Our work can be defined by one word: action.

With your generous partnership, we are launching relevant programming during the global corona virus crisis thats sent the entire world into a tailspin. What have news organizations said about us? What programming have you helped us launch? What is mainstream media not telling you?

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Our House Church

Serving isolated Christians in Iran by providing virtual training and support for underground churches. We work with existing networks inside Iran to facilitate church planting.

Children’s E-Learning Program

We have partnered with Superbook to deliver curriculum to the children in Iran that will strengthen their relationship with the Lord and find hope and joy in Him.

An Activated Faith

The spiritual battle for all those who fulfill the Great Commission is real…but prayer is more powerful.

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We are a network of 100+ ministries working together to reach the Christians of Iran through media and broadcasting.


Iran has the fastest growing evangelical population on the planet!

Our team recognizes that this is our chance to truly make a difference.

 70% of Iran’s population is under 35, searching for faith-based content in their heart language via
their mobile devices and social media connections 24 hours a day.

 How did H4I respond to this? We simply created our own Satellite TV Broadcast.

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We are a partnership of organizations who share the hope and love of Christ with Iranians.

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