“I am a death row inmate in an Iranian prison. I wondered what will happen to me AFTER I died. I came across Mohabat TV Online and the announcer said “Jesus is the Resurrection. If I accepted Him as my Lord, He would give me ever-lasting life.” With their help I began reading the Bible and researching Christianity. I prayed with them, received Jesus, confessed my sins and now I know I am in my Savior’s hands.”

Hassan, from Iran

“I had turned to prostitution to make a living but found myself depressed and disillusioned. I called the counselors at Mohabat TV for comfort. They told me about Jesus, His love and His forgiveness of my sins. They told me I didn’t have to sell my body and that I could put all my trust in Jesus. I prayed with them and accepted Jesus into my heart. He has saved me from destruction and has given me a new life.” 

Lyla, from Iran

“With Mohabat TV’s help, we started a small home group in my house and in three (3) months the house church grew to be three (3) times larger and better. Mohbat TV’s MyKelisa* platform is helping us grow even bigger.”

Alireza, from Danemark

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