Ali’s Faith

Ali’s Faith

“The Lord is my strength and my defense; He has become my salvation.”

Psalm 118:14

Ali heard testimony after testimony on Mohabat TV. Over time, he became incredibly convicted to call in and seek the truth. Our counselors at the call center answered all of Ali‘s questions, encouraging and praying with him throughout the call. Ali decided to trust Jesus that very day! Just two days after, he called back. His Muslim family had disowned him, forcing him to leave his home. Ali was deeply afraid of what they might do… would they turn him in to the Iranian authorities? Would he ever see his loved ones again? Through praying with the counselors, he then declared with a rock-solid faith, “I will stand for Jesus to the end!”

Amidst the fear, Ali pressed on. His tenacious spirit is what stood out to our team! How we, too, desire to put on Christ’s armor and serve Him more and more each day.

Prayer Point: Let us proclaim, “Jesus, I trust in You!” boldly each day.