Iran (MNN) —Iran (MNN) — A digital church in Iran provides fellowship, teaching, training, and counseling for Christians isolated from each other during Iran’s ongoing health crisis.

Yesterday, churches around the world met digitally to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A worldwide coronavirus outbreak has closed many church buildings, forcing Christians to move their services online.

Iran (MNN) — As the coronavirus crisis worsens in Iran, Christians are setting a practical example even as they offer the hope of Christ.

Iran remains the epicenter of COVID-19 in the Middle East. Mike Ansari of Heart 4 Iran says, “The situation in Iran is very, very dire.

And so, we really do not have an understanding of the full scope of the of the transmission of this disease and the number of deaths because traditionally, the Iranian Government does not announce the exact numbers.”

A stark warning from Iran where authorities fear millions could die from the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Iranian journalist who’s also a medical doctor issued the dire warning on state television this week, urging the public to stay home and obey health guidelines. 

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