Despair Deepens Following Afghanistan Earthquake

June 24, 2022

Mission Network News reports that thousands of homes collapsed, burying entire villages – and the people in them – under rubble. The Taliban lacks heavy rescue equipment...

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Taliban Denies Christian Presence in Afghanistan

June 06, 2022

Mission Network News reports that the Taliban denies any Christian presence in Afghanistan and yet, the underground church is growing despite these claims.

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As Iranians Show Disgust with Their Rulers, Many Are Finding a New Way in Christ

June 04, 2022

CBN News spoke with our Program Response Manager about the violent protests and food shortage crises happening in Iran.

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Afghans Seek The One True God as Their Country Falls Apart

May 17, 2022

As Afghanistan falls apart, Afghans want to know the one true God. Afghan callers keep the lines busy at Heart4Iran’s call center.

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Executions Up 25-Percent Under Raisi Rule

May 04, 2022

Executions are up 25-percent in Iran, according to a new report from human rights groups in Europe.

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Afghan Believer: Putin Looks a Lot Like the Taliban

April 07, 2022

Russia’s actions in Ukraine look like the Taliban’s takeover of his country eight months ago.

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Five ways to help Afghan Christians

March 17, 2022

The Persian New Year begins Sunday, but there’s not much to celebrate in Afghanistan.

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Heart4Iran Delivers hope to Iran’s Next Generation

February 14, 2022

Hope is on the horizon for vulnerable kids in Iran, reports Missions Network News. Mike Ansari adds “More than 51,000 children have lost one or more of their parents due to the COVID pandemic, and that’s leaving the[...]

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MBBs Lead New Heart4Iran Initiative

January 20, 2022

Mission Network News reports that Muslim-background believers or MBBs, lead a new initiative reaching Muslim families for Christ. In partnership with Superbook, Heart4Iran is launching a new virtual Sunday School pr[...]

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Children in Crisis: Troubling New Trend Emerges in Iran

January 17, 2022

Officials claim up to 95-percent of at-risk children are Afghan refugees, reports Mission Network News. Jennifer Shamoon from Heart4Iran tells us that “Iranian officials reported about 4,600 children were living in [...]

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