Children in Crisis: Troubling New Trend Emerges in Iran

January 17, 2022

Officials claim up to 95-percent of at-risk children are Afghan refugees, reports Mission Network News. Jennifer Shamoon from Heart4Iran tells us that “Iranian officials reported about 4,600 children were living in [...]

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Iran Frees Nine Believers Pending Case Review

January 04, 2022

Mission Network News reports that Iran frees nine believers from a Muslim background who were serving five-year prison sentences for their involvement in house churches. The freedom is conditional for now; a review [...]

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Help Afghan Christians in Iran before time runs out

September 27, 2021

Mission Network News tells us that fear rises in Iran as officials tear down camps housing Afghan refugees. Afghan refugees in Iran recently discussed their concerns with France24, Mission Network News reports. Acco[...]

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New draft law threatens to silence voices throughout Iran

August 13, 2021

The Iranian government already maintains a tight control over the internet, but new legislation threatens to take this even further. “There is a new bill waiting to be approved by the conservative-led Iranian parlia[...]

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Latest crackdown: “Iran wants to make examples of these converts”

August 06, 2021

Iran is setting a new precedent for persecuting Christians by giving the maximum sentence allowed under new controversial amendments to existing law to believers from a Muslim background, reported Mission Network Ne[...]

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UN official calls for a closer look at Raisi’s role in 1988 killings

July 20, 2021

Mission Network News reported a UN human rights expert wants to take a closer look into Iran’s 1988 killings. There is a concern that “mass graves” are reportedly being destroyed as part of an ongoing cover-up. “Man[...]

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347 Iranians turn to Christ in three months.

April 26, 2021

Mission Network News reported Iran’s latest attempts to stop Christian TV from entering into Iran have failed.  “We changed our feed to be on a different satellite broadcasting from outside of Iran into Iran,” Heart[...]

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Muslims are Finding Christ Daily

September 26, 2020

Heart4Iran, along with Communico Messianica, discussed how we bring a united front to the global population of Muslim-Background Believers in our webinar on September 25, 2020.

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Explosive Christian Growth in Iran

September 09, 2020

Mission Network News reports the changing demographics in Iran. The article states that many have become attracted to Christianity, associating it with Western ideals.

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Iranians are Losing Faith in Islam

September 05, 2020

On August 25, 2020, Iran International posted a survey reporting that only 32% of the population considers themselves Shia Muslims.

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