In this week’s blog are testimonies of hope and healing. We hope that their stories encourage you to continue pray for the beautiful people of Iran.

Testimony of Pregnancy: Maryam had been watching Mohabat for couple months when she decided to call to ask for prayer to get pregnant. She told the prayer counselor that she believed Jesus is the only one who can answer her prayer. Not only did she pray for a baby, but she and her husband prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Maryam called two months later, and said that Jesus answered her prayers to get pregnant! She was so happy that she told her family and her doctor that Jesus answered her prayer and gave her a baby. Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Healing: Cyrus was a Muslim and called in to Mohabat for prayer for his eight year old daughter named Layla with Leukemia. The prayer counselors explained the Gospel to Cyrus, and he trusted the Lord. He called back four months later,  and gave his testimony on the live show that Jesus healed his daughter Layla of Leukemia. Cyrus said all doctors were surprised and couldn’t explain this miracle. Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Healing: Mansour was a drug addict for many years. He went to rehab twice, but every time he went straight back to drugs. Mansour said that Jesus was his last Hope. He received prayer and accepted Jesus as His Lord. A month later, Mansour’s wife Parveen shared the good news that her husband had truly changed. Not only is Mansour not using drugs anymore, but he stopped abusing her. Praise the Lord that Mansour has become loving to family, and that his wife has accepted the Lord!

Testimony of Hope: Assad was very curious about Jesus being the only way to God. After listening to Mohabat, he asked many questions. Assad was deeply moved by the Holy Spirit and began confessing that he was in a relationship with a married women and was doing drugs. Assad said the main reason of his call was to harass and flirt with the women counselors. The counselors explained to him that Satan’s job was to destroy, and that Jesus would give him life and hope if he repented. Assad made the decision to pray to receive Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Hope: Firoozeh said that she used to hear sounds and see dark shadows around her. She was always in fear. She went for prayer to an Islamic clerk. They wrote down a prayer for her that she had to have with her all the time. When it didn’t help, she went to a doctor. The doctor told Firoozeh there was no hope for her. He said that she should go and kill herself! One night, Firoozeh was very fearful and couldn’t sleep. That night she prayed that God would end her life. Instead, she found the Mohabat channel! Firoozeh watched for couple hours without changing the channel or turning off the TV. Firoozeh called the number on the screen and asked for help. When she prayed to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior, the sound stopped. She turned off the lights and there were no dark shadows around her. She was freed; Praise the Lord! Firoozeh gave a testimony on the live show the very next day that Jesus gave her life back. She can now live free and in Peace.

Testimony of Healing: Jelveh’s son Navid was born with stomach deformity. Jelveh’s family didn’t have money to operate until Navid was four years old. After the operation, Navid didn’t come back to consciousness. The doctors were worried and told her to pray. She was a Muslim and all she knew was to pray in Islam. While sitting in the hospital lobby, a woman approached her and asked how she can pray for her. Jelveh explained her son’s situation, and the women told her all about Jesus and that He could heal her son. She prayed and left. After couple hours later, Navid came out of the operating room and recovered quickly. The doctors said that was a miracle. Jelveh knew that it was Jesus who healed her son. Ever since then, she asked anyone she could to tell her more about Jesus. One night, Jelveh was a guest in a friends’ house who came to Christ through Mohabat channel. Jelveh called the show. She said that night was appointed because she was looking to know more about Jesus. She was so excited that prayed for salvation!

A Heart’s Response: Let’s praise the Lord for these testimonies of hope and healing! May every Iranian find the same freedom in Christ like Maryan, Cyrus, Layla, Mansour, Assad, Firoozeh, Jelveh, and Navid!