IRN 20100503 Shiraz Park People (335)In this week’s blog are more testimonies of hope and healing. We hope that their stories encourage you to continue praying for the beautiful people of Iran.

Testimony of Hope: Bahar is a young Muslim woman in Iran who had two shocking dreams within a couple of months. In both dreams she was in a horrifying situation, first she was in prison witnessing her family’s death, and in the second dream she was being beheaded! In both dreams Jesus came to her rescue and saved her and her family. She called the 24hr prayer line to receive an interpretation of these amazing dreams. The counselors at Mohabat TV explained to her that Jesus is the only one who can save us from death and eternal damnation. She prayed to receive Christ, and after the prayer she was released of the fear and torment that followed her dreams. She said she is now so happy and full of peace.

Testimony of Healing: Jaleh was ready to commit suicide. She had planned everything for that night and while waiting she started to flip through the channels and came across Mohabat TV. She started to listen to the speaker, brother Hussain, who was proclaiming that Jesus came to give us abundant life. Having nothing to lose, she decided to call and talk to Hussain herself. Since the show was previously recorded, she was connected to telephone counselors who prayed for her, gave her a message of hope, and directed her to pray for salvation and receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Right then she changed her suicidal thoughts and received abundant Life through Jesus Christ!

Testimony of Hope: Farzin was praying his Muslim “Namaz” when his little son turned on the TV and started listening to Christian programming on Mohabat TV. He called out to his dad; “Dad, this is the True Prayer not your Namaz!!” Farzin, still continuing his Namaz, actually started listening to the host praying and started praying to Jesus to solve a problem he had been battling. After a week he called us to say that Jesus answered his prayer, and he had a dream that he was lost in a desert and Jesus found him. We explained the Gospel and Farzin prayed to receive Jesus for his Salvation!

Your Heart’s Response: Let’s praise the Lord for these testimonies of hope and healing! May every Iranian find the same freedom in Christ like Bahar, Jaleh, and Farzin!