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Why Europe is Critical to Reach Iran for Christ

Last week, terror attacks in Paris shocked the world, showing why Europe is so critical for reaching the Middle East for Christ.
Did you know there are more than 50 million refugees worldwide including 1 million Iranian refugees? This number hasn’t been reached since the second World War according to the UNHCR. Many of these refugees now live in Europe to […]

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Be a Voice for Change in Iran

Today, you can join the movement with Heart4Iran and be a voice for change in Iran.
It is our heart to make you aware of the plight of Iranians because they are not the only country in the Middle East who needs our help, love, and support.

Iran needs our prayers more than ever!

The Iranian government is cracking down […]

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Count For Zero

Heart4Iran has teamed up with the Issachar Initiative to count for zero amount the unreached people groups of Iran.
In God’s providence, while attending the Billy Graham Conference on Evangelism in Amsterdam in the fall of 2000, a group of ministry leaders met together to talk about how they could help reach the unreached people of the world.  […]

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Why Iran? And Why Now?

Why Iran? And why now?
Despite the popular notion that Iran is a terrorist nation and that they are plagued by economic sanctions, Iran’s young people are better educated and more sophisticated than any previous generation.

Many are exposed to global media, ideas and culture through satellite television and the Internet. Most young Iranians are believed […]

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Superbook goes to Iran!
Presented by heart4iran and aired by Mohabat TV, the newly animated Superbook brings the excitement and adventure of following Christ right into the privacy of millions of Iranian homes. Farsi speaking children and parents will enjoy seeing the engaging stories of real Bible heroes whose success came from trusting God and […]

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