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“I’m Afraid to Become a Christian, What Do I Do?”

Grace is one of the most difficult concepts for many people who do not know Christ to accept. This is particularly true for those who have been raised in the Islamic culture, as grace is a notion that is neither taught nor valued in the mosques.

Mehdi, a young man who struggled with this notion, […]

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Delivered From Addiction … Overnight! 

Dreams and visions are common ways for Iranians to encounter Christ.

Daily, we hear incredible stories of the Lord revealing Himself in miraculous ways to people in Iran, which always, with complete consistency, lead them to the Person of Christ and their need for salvation through His work on the cross.

What many don’t realize, […]

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Running House Church is Forbidden

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, made many promises including tolerance towards non-Muslims.

Unfortunately, his Islamic regime is now infiltrating the Iranian Christians through social media and other various ways to damage the reputation of Iranian leaders including the house church movement.
Did you know there is a revival happening right now inside the country of Iran? 
According to Open Doors, there […]

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Pray for Gilbert

A few days ago, an Iranian brother in Christ — Gilbert Hovsepian — was in a motorcycle accident. Heart4Iran would like to ask for your special prayers.
He is a worship artist & producer with a mission to glorify Jesus Christ among the nations! You can order his newest English CD, “Send Me Out” on […]

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More Testimonies of Hope and Healing

In this week’s blog are more testimonies of hope and healing. We hope that their stories encourage you to continue praying for the beautiful people of Iran.
Testimony of Hope: Bahar is a young Muslim woman in Iran who had two shocking dreams within a couple of months. In both dreams she was in a horrifying situation, […]

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