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“I’m Afraid to Become a Christian, What Do I Do?”

Grace is one of the most difficult concepts for many people who do not know Christ to accept. This is particularly true for those who have been raised in the Islamic culture, as grace is a notion that is neither taught nor valued in the mosques.

Mehdi, a young man who struggled with this notion, […]

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How Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is Using Ancient History to Influence the Present

Regardless of your political leanings, geographical location or religious background, it is difficult to be unaware of the recent historic nuclear agreement between Iran and the group of six nations led by the United States, intended on preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It is even more unlikely that you do not have strong […]

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Happy Norouz

Heart4Iran would like to wish you a Happy Norouz 2015!

Today marks one of the oldest traditional Iranian festivals that starts the first day of spring. According to Farsinet.com:

The word is a compound of two Persian words, “now” which has the same etymology as the English word “new” and means new, and the word “ruz” which […]

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Red Wednesday

While Persians across the world are gearing up to celebrate Norouz in a few days—Heart4Iran would like to wish you a Happy Red Wednesday!

What is Red Wednesday?
And what makes it happy?

It has to do with the Norouz tradition of fire jumping. It is an ancient Zoroastrian tradition that is a purification ritual. According to […]

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Recent Events!

heart4iran is on the move and we’re enjoying meeting and sharing our love and passion for Iran with others! Join us.
Recently Attended
 The Issachar Summit, in Southern California on June 4, 2014 at the Crossing Church in Costa Mesa.

The Issachar Initiative is a think-tank designed to serve the Global Church as an advocate for the […]

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