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Jesus Visits Iranian Man in Dream and Delivers Him from Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a troublesome reality in nearly every corner of the globe. However, it is particularly rampant in Iran, where hopelessness and access to cheap narcotics are both in ample supply.

Consider that recent statistics estimate that at least 6 million of Iran’s 78 million people suffer from some measure of drug-related problems.[1] This […]

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How Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is Using Ancient History to Influence the Present

Regardless of your political leanings, geographical location or religious background, it is difficult to be unaware of the recent historic nuclear agreement between Iran and the group of six nations led by the United States, intended on preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It is even more unlikely that you do not have strong […]

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Addicted for 27 Years, Couple Experiences Deliverance

Elnaz and his wife, Roya, struggled with drug addiction for 27 years agonizing years. Desperate for hope and deliverance from the all-consuming bondage of their dependence on the poison that was robbing them of their very lives, Elnaz reached the tipping point of his ability to carry on under his own power. Utterly broken and despondent, […]

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Delivered From Addiction … Overnight! 

Dreams and visions are common ways for Iranians to encounter Christ.

Daily, we hear incredible stories of the Lord revealing Himself in miraculous ways to people in Iran, which always, with complete consistency, lead them to the Person of Christ and their need for salvation through His work on the cross.

What many don’t realize, […]

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