Mohabat TV, a ministry partner of Heart4Iran, is currently filming their second season of Superbook.

Superbook is a children’s program with Naji Hendrix as their host. Their aim is to make the children laugh while drawing out the message of the the gospel through cartoons. Please go to to learn more about the show and download the free app for kids, which was recently nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award!

How exciting to be able to reach more children for Christ — especially in Iran!

Consider inviting Naji Hendrix, Producer, Host, Mohabat TV, to speak at your church or ministry event.

Naji HendrixNaji and her family escaped Iran during the Iran-Iraq war when she was six years old. She lived in Sweden and then moved to the United States at the age of 13. In the U.S. she heard about the gospel for the first time when her father enrolled her in a private Christian school. To escape everyday family problems, she experimented with drugs and alcohol in high school. In college she studied film and amidst her personal struggles, she attended a play at a church for a class assignment. There she accepted the salvation message of Christ, was delivered from her previous life style and felt called to full-time ministry. She had a desire to use media to reach Iran and the Muslims world.

Today, Naji serves as a producer and host for Mohabat TV with various shows reaching the Persian world. She oversees the new Superbookprogram for Farsi speaking audiences. Previously, Naji worked as a production manager with the JESUS Film Project in Orlando for eight years. Her responsibilities included managing multiple language dubbings for the Middle East. She regularly led language translation teams to work among unreached people groups in the region.

Naji earned a bachelors degree in Communication and Film, and minored in Marketing from the University of Central Florida. She also acquired a certificate in Non-Profit Management. Naji lives with her husband and two sons.

A gifted speaker, producer, and host, Naji is available to conduct TV and radio interviews, and speak at churches, ministry events, including women, children, and youth groups. Please go here to invite her to speak.