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With only the clothes on their backs, a constant stream of refugees who are desperately fleeing the brutality of ISIS pour into Turkey everyday.

These helpless and desperate people, mostly from Iraq and Syria, left their homes and quite literally ran for their lives to the Turkish border, seeking safety from a militant force leaving death, slavery and misery in its wake.

Those refugees, who are fortunate enough to escape with their lives, find themselves in already overcrowded camps that are growing in size by the day.

However, there is hope to be found in the midst of this chaos and uncertainty.  For many of these people, it arrived in a most unexpected way.

Amir (pictured center in bottom right photo), an Iranian refugee who fled the oppressive and dangerous Islamic Republic of Iran government many years ago and currently serving with Heart4Iran in Europe, recently made his way into eastern Turkey, where the greatest number of Arab refugees are seeking asylum in order to serve and provide any needed help.

While this may seem unremarkable on the surface, little more than a kind gesture from one former refugee to others sharing a common experience, there is something much more profound that this represents.

You see, Iranians (Persians) and Arabs have been mortal enemies for centuries.  In fact, the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980’s claimed more than 1.5 million lives.  To this day, Iran sets its clocks thirty minutes ahead of bordering Iraq because it does not even want to share the same “zero” hour as its enemy!  Actually, nearly every Arab nation is an enemy of Iran.

Now, imagine the shock and bewilderment of these Iraqi and other Arab refugees when they learned that an Iranian was there to help them!  

The significance of this gesture cannot be overstated.  With this simple gesture of compassion, Amir was given the opportunity to share the motivation behind his action multiple times.  After the initial surprise of learning that he was Iranian, those he was helping wanted to know, “Why?”

“The love of Christ and his endless mercies on me compel me to tell you about Him.  Only He is able to bring true hope and He wants you to know how much He loves you.”

These words, while not accepted by all who heard them, made an unquestionable impact that we pray will result in an unprecedented spiritual harvest in the Refugee Camps and ultimately, the entire Middle East.

Please pray for these precious people to find hope and peace in Christ, who alone can heal their brokenness.