Pray for GilbertA few days ago, an Iranian brother in Christ — Gilbert Hovsepian — was in a motorcycle accident. Heart4Iran would like to ask for your special prayers.

He is a worship artist & producer with a mission to glorify Jesus Christ among the nations! You can order his newest English CD, “Send Me Out” on his website here.

Heart4Iran would like to ask for prayer on behalf of the Hovsepian family for Gilbert as he recovers from this shocking and tragic accident. 

Here are a few ways you can stay informed:

1. The Hovsepian Website:

2. Joseph Hovsepian’s (Gilbert’s brother) Facebook page:

3. Gilbert Hovsepian’s Facebook page:

Here is Gilbert’s most recent update:

Update #6 Date:12/29/14 @4pm

This is Gilbert’s 3rd day in the hospital and an emotional day for the family. While Gilbert is still under heavy medications and is sleeping most of the time, he is awakened by the doctors for a few seconds every few hours. When Gilbert was shown his two daughters’ picture, with his one eye open, he was immediately able to recognize them and said their names. Earlier, he had recognized his wife Ani, and later he was also able to recognize his brother and sister by name.
The doctors have decided not to do any surgery on his neck, and to leave the cast around his neck for it to heal within next six weeks.
As we are into the 3rd day, Gilbert’s body needs nutrition. A tube was connected to Gilbert’s nose to provide some nutrition and protein.
God willing I will have another video update by tonight.

May the Lord bless the continued prayers for Gilbert and his family. If you would like to share on your social media and ask others to pray for Gilbert, please use the hashtag #PrayforGilbert.