Copy of Forgiven

Saloomeh, a Muslim woman living in Iran, began calling our Follow-Up Ministry Counselors after watching programming on Mohabat TV, our 24/7 Christian Farsi satellite TV network. For several weeks, she regularly called to ask follow-up questions about what she was learning and how she was struggling to make sense of it in light of her Islamic background.

“How can Jesus be God? How can ‘Grace’ be real? How do I know that God loves me?” These are some of the questions that Saloomeh asked the counselor, who lovingly opened the truth of the Scripture to her and prayed with her for understanding.

After several weeks, Saloomeh included her husband, Arash, on one of her calls to the counselor, as she wanted his opinion on what she was hearing.

To her amazement, Arash listened and asked one simple question, “How can I become a Christian?”

Arash prayed to receive Christ with the counselor on the spot and for the next few weeks, he began to grow in his new relationship with the Lord and to pray fervently for Saloomeh to give her heart to Him as well.

Seeing the radical change in her husband’s life and understanding that only Christ could be responsible, Saloomeh soon placed her faith in Him as well.

In a short period of time, their children also came to the same conclusion and Christ transformed their entire family.

Since then, Arash and Saloomeh have been boldly sharing their faith with relatives, friends and neighbors. To date, more than 30 Iranians have accepted Christ and several underground house churches have been formed as a result of the Lord’s work through this incredible couple.

Pray for the millions of Iranians who watch satellite TV everyday to come across our channel and find the same hope that led Saloomeh and Arash to the cross.