Grace is one of the most difficult concepts for many people who do not know Christ to accept. This is particularly true for those who have been raised in the Islamic culture, as grace is a notion that is neither taught nor valued in the mosques.

Mehdi, a young man who struggled with this notion, was no exception.

After watching our Farsi Satellite TV network, Mohabat TV, for several weeks, Mehdi decided to call the number at the bottom of the screen and talk to one of the counselors about his dilemma.

“I love your programs and your God, but I am afraid to become a Christian. What do I do?” The counselor explained that religion brings feelings of fear, but Jesus brings peace with God that no religion can.

She went on to reveal the truth of the Gospel and mercy and grace that the Lord gives us through a personal relationship with Jesus, not because of what we have done, or will ever do, but because of His unending love for us and the finished work of Christ on the cross that took care of our sins forever.

With deep gratitude and relief, Mehdi prayed to receive the free gift of eternal life with the counselor, as he gave his life to Christ and experienced grace for the first time in his life.

Join us in praying for the millions of Iranians like Mehdi, who do are trapped under the oppressive weight of guilt, shame and feelings of worthlessness, that they will experience grace through a personal relationship with Christ and understand the unending value they have to the Lord who loves them beyond all measure.