God is Moving in Iran

Many people are largely unaware that the Islamic nation of Iran is home to one of the fastest growing bodies of believers in the entire world. According to a recent article published by Operation World, the church in Iran is growing annually at 19.6%, making it home to the fastest growing church in the world.[1]

Although this is certainly a miracle given the unique status of Christianity inside of Iran, the Islamic republic has recently made attending church illegal for anyone who speaks the Farsi language. While there are many reasons for the rise of Muslims turning to Christ inside of Iran, many point to two main factors: dissatisfaction with the current Islamic regime and widespread evangelistic efforts through satellite television.

No matter the causes, at this point it is clear that Iranians are leaving Islam and turning to Christ. As Islamic fundamentalists rise in the West, Christian ministries are seeing great success in turning possible terrorists into enthusiastic followers of Christ.

About Heart4Iran and Mohabat TV

In 2006, Mohabat TV was launched as the first 24/7 Farsi Christian satellite TV channel specifically focused on the people of Iran. The word “Mohabat” means “Agape Love.” We broadcast the message of Jesus Christ directly to millions of people in Iran through satellite and Internet technology. In response to tremendous interest and need, our programs address important areas like the need for healing, discipleship, leadership development, and the important issues on people’s hearts.

To date, we have received phone calls from Iranians living in more than 3,300 unique cities, towns and villages in Iran, which is illustrated on the graphic below.

Forgiven (2)


This non-extrapolated number means that 1 out of every 1,500 Iranians have personally contacted us!  This is truly amazing and we praise the Lord for working through our ministry in this way.

Join us in praying for the lost and broken people of Iran to encounter the true God of hope and peace who loves them deeply.  Pray that one day, every city, town and village in Iran will have house churches that will transform the nation for Christ.


[1] http://www.operationworld.org/hidden/evangelical-growth