Forgiven (1)

One of the most popular programs we broadcast on our 24/7 Farsi Satellite network into Iran, Mohabat TV, is a women’s show called Tea Time. Every week, our female host covers topics relevant to women in Iran, such as marriage, acceptance, self-worth and hope, from a woman’s perspective. It may surprise you to know that men make up a significant portion of the viewing audience.

Recently, Mahmoud was watching Tea Time, as he was searching for hope and peace, which he had not found in Islam. While watching the program, he knew that he had found what he was longing for and he asked Christ into his heart.

Excited about his new faith and eager to share with his fiancé, Fatemeh, Mahmoud invited her to watch Tea Time with him, as he believed that she would also want to give her life to Christ. However, she was unmoved by her experience and did not want anything to do with Jesus.

Discouraged, but undeterred, Mahmoud convinced Fatemeh to give Tea Time another shot. The following week they tuned in to the program, but this time, Mahmoud called in and was connected to one of the counselors. He handed the phone to his frustrated fiancé, who reluctantly spoke with the woman on the other end.

Fatemeh asked the counselor, “What do you want? What can your God do for someone like me?” The answer changed Fatemeh’s life.

“My God loves you and wants to forgive you of your sins,” was the simple response. Immediately, Fatemeh began to weep, startling Mahmoud who only was only hearing her side of the conversation.

“I have been asking Allah, the Prophet Mohammad and Imams to forgive me of my sins, but nobody did. No one would. I cried out to God to show me the truth and how to be forgiven and now you are on the phone telling me that Jesus wants to forgive me? God has answered me! What do I do?”

Right there, the counselor shared the Gospel with Fatemeh and she experienced the forgiveness and acceptance she had been desperately seeking for as Christ entered her heart.

Today, Mahmoud and Fatemeh continue to talk to our counsels and grow in the new walks with Christ.

Pray for millions of Iranians to find peace, hope, love and forgiveness through the only Source…Jesus.