Eifel Tower2Last week, terror attacks in Paris shocked the world, showing why Europe is so critical for reaching the Middle East for Christ.

Did you know there are more than 50 million refugees worldwide including 1 million Iranian refugees? This number hasn’t been reached since the second World War according to the UNHCR. Many of these refugees now live in Europe to escape persecution to live as they please.

According to Pastor Elham of Mohabat TV, we have now reached what is called 2nd Persecution!

She says that “some of the Iranian new believers [living in Europe] have not only gone through persecution by the Iranian government about their underground church activities, but have also experienced persecution again in their refugee camps. They are persecuted by other Muslims from other nations who are Islamic radicals.”

Getting more personal, she shared with Heart4Iran a tragic story of what 2nd persecution looks like in Europe:

“Just recently, ” said Elham, “In one of the [refugee] camps in Germany — two Iranian Christians who were attending a church on Sunday were attacked by radicals so severely that they both had to be hospitalized. One Christian, I heard severely injured their back!”

In spite of all these terror attacks happening in Paris, Germany, Iran, and around the world — Heart4Iran is introducing a new way to reach Iranians abroad through Mohabat TV EUROPE, which launched the same week as the terror attacks in Paris.

Heart4Iran believes the timing is no coincidence. 

If you would like to be more effective in a global partnership and collaborative efforts to transform the nation of Iran for Christ, please contact Heart4Iran.

Amir and Connie Javadzadeh will be running  Mohabat TV EUROPE. They are stationed in London, and will be serving as full time members of the Mohabat team, representing Europe and beyond. They look forward to partnering together with those who have a heart for Iran.

Mohabat TV EUROPEAmir and Connie’s rich background as Iranian muslim-background-believers (MBBs), coupled with years of pastoral experience in ministry, both in Turkey and through Elam Ministries, a ministry partner of Heart4Iran, has made them a powerful and much-respected team among Iranian Christians world-wide.

Besides being an accomplished worship leader, Amir served as the pastor of the Iranian Church in Istanbul for over 5 years. While in Iran, Connie got involved in leading teenage groups in her parent’s house which became an underground church in the city of Kermanshah. Amir and Connie were the celebrated hosts of Elam’s Healing The Broken-Hearted program (which was aired on Mohabat) for several years.  Please take a moment to read their bio below.

If you are in Europe or have contacts in Europe that are interested to partner with Mohabat TV EUROPE, Heart4Iran would like to encourage you to please invite them to contact Amir or Connie.

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