delivered from addiction (1)
Dreams and visions are common ways for Iranians to encounter Christ.

Daily, we hear incredible stories of the Lord revealing Himself in miraculous ways to people in Iran, which always, with complete consistency, lead them to the Person of Christ and their need for salvation through His work on the cross.

What many don’t realize, is that countless Iranians are encountering Christ through another miracle… instant deliverance from addiction.

Majid is a 50 year-old man who spent 33 years of his life hopelessly addicted to drugs. The control it had over his life was comprehensive. Since the age of 17, Majid spent 14 years in prison due to his addiction.

Although a self-professed devout Muslim, Majid found no solution in Islam. Rather than finding any source of hope through seeking answers through his religious practices, he discovered only condemnation and judgment.

Finally, after decades of struggling with addiction and losing his faith in Islam, he had a conversation that would change his life. His sister, Laleh, who had recently come to faith in Christ, told him about a God who loved him, who wanted to know him personally and who wanted to make him whole.

Majid, still struggling with addiction, began watching programming on Mohabat TV. Upon hearing one of the pastors encourage the viewers to trust the Lord for deliverance from sin and addiction, Majid called the number on the bottom of the screen.

The counselor prayed with Majid and asked the Lord to deliver him from addiction that very night. When Majid awoke the next morning, his urgings for drugs were gone! He has been delivered from addiction and set free ever since!

Join us in praying for the millions of lost and broken Persians, like Majid, who are desperate for hope and in need of a Savior.

Join us in praying that we are flooded with testimonies like this, as daily, thousands of Persians are spiritually healed and brought to saving knowledge of Christ.

May it be so!

[Opium photo credit: Papaver somniferum via photopin (license)]