When you think of countries that lead the world in mobile technology and social media consumption, you likely think of nations like the U.S., England and Japan. You would be right to name those countries, as they are worldwide leaders in this ever-expanding arena.

However, would it surprise you to know that Iran is among the world’s top consumers of mobile technology and social media? How can this be, in a country governed by one of the most brutal regimes on the planet today, which strictly prohibits access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat?

The answer lies in an amazing statistic found by looking at the demographics of this complex nation. Fully 70% of the population of Iran is under the age of 35 years.[1] This startling reality corresponds to the timing of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and subsequent Iran-Iraq war from 1980-1988, which saw the deaths of 1 million Iranian troops.[2]

Iran is not only young, but very technologically savvy.

Consider that in a nation of nearly 80 million, mobile usage currently stands at more than 120 percent, as many people own more than one phone or SIM card. Estimates show that over 20 million smartphones exist in Iran, which is staggering when you consider that, like social media platforms, they are banned.[3]

Despite the government’s attempts to ban and block social media platforms, an estimated 60% of Internet users in Iran still access their Facebook accounts through VPN proxies and other work-around methods that make short work of these efforts.[4]

OK, so Iran is far more connected than you may have thought when you began reading this article. So what?

What if I told you that hundreds of thousands of Iranians, everyday, in every corner of Iran, in places you can’t find on a map, could have access to Scripture in their heart language via their mobile devices and social media connections?

What if I told you Iran has the fastest growing evangelical population on the planet, which is growing at a rate that doubles every four years?[5]

What if I told you that there is a ministry that is devoted to reaching this spiritually hungry and open nation with the hope of Christ through social media, mobile technology, satellite TV and underground church planting?

Join us in praying for this lost and broken nation and partner with us as together, we trust the Lord to transform lives.






[5] Mandryk, Jason, and Molly Wall. Pray for the World: Abridged from Operation World, 7th Edition, by Jason Mandryk ; Advising Editor: Molly Wall ; Foreword by Patrick Johnstone. 294.