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How Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is Using Ancient History to Influence the Present

Regardless of your political leanings, geographical location or religious background, it is difficult to be unaware of the recent historic nuclear agreement between Iran and the group of six nations led by the United States, intended on preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It is even more unlikely that you do not have strong […]

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Connected – The Iran You Don’t Know


When you think of countries that lead the world in mobile technology and social media consumption, you likely think of nations like the U.S., England and Japan. You would be right to name those countries, as they are worldwide leaders in this ever-expanding arena.

However, would it surprise you to know that Iran is among […]

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Closure The Film

Closure The Film is inspired by true stories of Iranian Christian martyrs.

The loss of a family member, desire for revenge, and struggle to forgive is not a foreign concept to the director of “Closure” Joseph Hovsepian and lead actor Andre Hovsepian, as they had to confront their own father’s brutal death by extremist groups […]

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Why Europe is Critical to Reach Iran for Christ

Last week, terror attacks in Paris shocked the world, showing why Europe is so critical for reaching the Middle East for Christ.
Did you know there are more than 50 million refugees worldwide including 1 million Iranian refugees? This number hasn’t been reached since the second World War according to the UNHCR. Many of these refugees now live in Europe to […]

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Superbook: Filming Season 2

Mohabat TV, a ministry partner of Heart4Iran, is currently filming their second season of Superbook.
Superbook is a children’s program with Naji Hendrix as their host. Their aim is to make the children laugh while drawing out the message of the the gospel through cartoons. Please go to http://www.superbook.tv/ to learn more about the show and download […]

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