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Delivered From Addiction … Overnight! 

Dreams and visions are common ways for Iranians to encounter Christ.

Daily, we hear incredible stories of the Lord revealing Himself in miraculous ways to people in Iran, which always, with complete consistency, lead them to the Person of Christ and their need for salvation through His work on the cross.

What many don’t realize, […]

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Happy Norouz

Heart4Iran would like to wish you a Happy Norouz 2015!

Today marks one of the oldest traditional Iranian festivals that starts the first day of spring. According to Farsinet.com:

The word is a compound of two Persian words, “now” which has the same etymology as the English word “new” and means new, and the word “ruz” which […]

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Red Wednesday

While Persians across the world are gearing up to celebrate Norouz in a few days—Heart4Iran would like to wish you a Happy Red Wednesday!

What is Red Wednesday?
And what makes it happy?

It has to do with the Norouz tradition of fire jumping. It is an ancient Zoroastrian tradition that is a purification ritual. According to […]

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Closure The Film

Closure The Film is inspired by true stories of Iranian Christian martyrs.

The loss of a family member, desire for revenge, and struggle to forgive is not a foreign concept to the director of “Closure” Joseph Hovsepian and lead actor Andre Hovsepian, as they had to confront their own father’s brutal death by extremist groups […]

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Running House Church is Forbidden

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, made many promises including tolerance towards non-Muslims.

Unfortunately, his Islamic regime is now infiltrating the Iranian Christians through social media and other various ways to damage the reputation of Iranian leaders including the house church movement.
Did you know there is a revival happening right now inside the country of Iran? 
According to Open Doors, there […]

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