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The Story (History of Iran)

“Iran is one of the wealthiest, most educated and sophisticated country in the Middle East.” Prior to the 1980s and the Islamic Revolution (think of the movie Argo), Iran with its massive oil reserves, was a pivotal power in the region and aligned with the West. Free trade, women’s rights, modern architecture, and education were on the rise. Clearly, Iran and the West were on very good terms. Today Iran is led by an Islamic government and locked in economic sanctions and mistrust with the West. It’s a complicated situation.

While there is wide popular support for the new president, the Islamic Republic of Iran forcibly controls society through detentions, torture, denying human rights, expulsions from universities, and expanding the powers of its paramilitary forces. The UN reports that Iran has some of the highest rates of depression, drug abuse, suicide and prostitution in the region. At the same time, Iran and Persian speaking people are experiencing a significant moving of the Spirit of God, as evidenced by one of the fastest growing underground church movements in the world. There are regular reports of responsiveness to the gospel message, the emergency of indigenous church leadership, deep worship accompanied by manifestations of spiritual phenomena, increased persecution, and intentional prayer mobilization efforts. There are now more Muslims coming to Christ than ever before in the history of Islam.

With an exploding youth population, millions of Iranians are hungry for change and are questioning traditional forms of authority. Iran is now proving to be a blue print for the failures of Islam. (Source).

The Problem

The threats against God’s people in Iran are real: arrests, torture, and even death. With greater tensions, including severe political oppression and economic challenges, Iranians are eager for solutions to help their dissolving families, distressed faith communities, and societal structures. We believe that change is on the horizon. It will take a time, but it will happen.

It will be driven by shifting demographics and the younger population, which is connected to the rest of the world through media and under the age of 30. This generation constitutes a critical mass, which yearns to build a future of dignity, grounded in the truth and democracy. We are confident that media resources provided through satellite television, Internet, mobile platforms, and social networks continue to accomplish a tremendous work by pointing Muslims to Christ’s message of love, encouraging new believers, and supporting the efforts of the local church.

“Thanks to our partnership with Heart4Iran, believers in Iran can access the Bible in Farsi, Dari, or Azeri from the privacy of their own homes via any telephone. What a tremendous blessing!  I am personally grateful for Dr. Ansari’s heart and willingness to leverage existing technology to make the Bible available to the people of Iran in a format that they can best use. May God continue to bless their work!” — Troy Carl, Faith Comes By Hearing


The People