“I have compared them and I have chosen to follow Jesus,” shared Novine.  This young adult had called the station on several occasions to ask questions about the Christian faith. One day he called and shared that he was ready to receive Jesus as his savior.  His story is becoming more common.

Christianity, of course, is not foreign to Iran. It arrived in the ancient Persian lands not long after the death of Christ. But since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, things have really changed. Iran is seeing a tremendous awakening and thousands of people are receiving Christ each year.

Christians average about one percent of Iran’s nearly 79 million people. There could be as many as half a million Christians in the country. Open Doors, a nondenominational organization tracking Christian persecution, estimates that Iran has 370,000 “new Christians from a Muslim background.”

In the last decade, Christian broadcast programs, produced by the Iranian diaspora, has fueled the rise of Christ followers. It is a criminal offense, yet many Christians are boldly sharing their faith with Muslim friends and family members. While nearly all churches have been shut down and preaching in Farsi is now outlawed in Iran, the underground church continues to grow year after year.

We strongly believe that serving and equipping the believers of Iran through televised Christian programming will have a leveraged effect on the underground church and the nation as a whole.

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