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So why Iran? And why now?

Despite the popular notion that Iran is a terrorist nation and that they are plagued by economic sanctions, Iran’s young people are better educated and more sophisticated than any previous generation.

Many are exposed to global media, ideas and culture through satellite television and the Internet. Most young Iranians are believed to want to be part of the international community and globalization.

Despite prohibitions on women’s rights, Iranian women account for 65% of university attendance. However, many young people feel hopeless and live under the constant threat of detentions, torture, expulsion from universities, and the expanding powers of paramilitary forces. At the same time, Iran and Persian speaking people are experiencing a significant moving of the Spirit of God. This is evidenced by one of the fastest growing underground church movement in the world.

There are regular reports of unusual hunger for the gospel message, the development of indigenous church leadership, deep worship, increased persecution, and intentional prayer movements. There are now more Muslims coming to Christ than ever before in the history of Iran. With an exploding youth population, millions of Iranians are hungry for change and are questioning traditional forms of authority.

In 2006, Mohabat TV was launched as the first 24/7 Farsi Christian channel. “Mohabat” means “Agape Love.” We broadcast the message of Jesus Christ directly to millions of people of Iran through satellite and Internet technology. In response to tremendous interest and need, our programs address important areas like the need for healing, discipleship, leadership development, and address the important issues on people’s hearts.

We provide call-in centers, counseling and connection with Iranian believers and the house church movement. Iran was once the home to the “first charter of human rights.” In the 6th century, King Cyrus protected basic human rights of his citizens, including the rights of every one to choose their own religion. Amidst societal and economic challenges, we believe Iranians are eager for greater freedoms and solutions to help their dissolving families and distressed faith communities. This generation constitutes a critical mass, which yearns to build a future of dignity, grounded in the truth and freedom. We want you to get involved. We cannot wait. Won’t you help us reach out to Iran with the message of hope and freedom of Jesus Christ?

Take a few moments, and check out the heart for Iran website, or contact us directly.