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Why is Iran Critical to the Middle East?

Iran, now more than ever, is critical to the Middle East.

But if you ask why, most Christians might not be able to explain. Our goal at Heart4Iran is to educate and move the hearts of those around the world to stand in the gap for the country and people of Iran.

Here are five reasons why […]

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Why Iran? And Why Now?

Why Iran? And why now?
Despite the popular notion that Iran is a terrorist nation and that they are plagued by economic sanctions, Iran’s young people are better educated and more sophisticated than any previous generation.

Many are exposed to global media, ideas and culture through satellite television and the Internet. Most young Iranians are believed […]

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Who are Some of our Ministry Partners?

Heart4Iran works with many ministry partners who serve the people of Iran. Here are some of them listed below.
Please feel free to click on their website to learn more about what they do.

Faith Comes by Hearing
Global Film Project
Global Media Outreach
In Touch Ministries
Isik Abla Ministries
Issachar Initiative
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Mohabat TV
PARS Theological Center
Voice of Christ

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