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Our House, Our Church

Presented by heart4iran and aired by Mohabat TV

The Opportunity
Iran is seeing a tremendous revival and thousands of people are receiving Christ each year through Mohabat TV programming. While Christians in Iran are marginalized, many see their need for role models to help them develop spiritually and sustain their faith communities. Nearly all Farsi speaking […]

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Women Need Role Models

What Women Want
Leaders –people of influence- are needed in Iran who are fully convinced of women’s capabilities, and invest in women to help them discover and utilize their talents for God’s work.

All the more, women need role models. The institutionalized marginalization of women in the region means that there are virtually no female role […]

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Daring To Be Happy

How Being Happy Causes Backlash
Six young Iranians, wearing colorful clothing and dared to dance to the hit song “Happy” were seen by hundreds of thousands in a video that went viral.

The young people were arrested for making a “vulgar video”. The women did not cover their heads with the required hijab or hair veil. […]

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Tea Time

Weekly Live Women’s ‘Daytime’ Show with Mohabat TV
Presented by heart4iran and aired by Mohabat TV

The Opportunity:
Women in Iran are marginalized and need role models to help them live a Christ-centered life. With ever increasing tensions, including severe political oppression and economic challenges, Iranian women are eager for solutions for their dissolving families, distressed faith […]

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Recent Events!

heart4iran is on the move and we’re enjoying meeting and sharing our love and passion for Iran with others! Join us.
Recently Attended
 The Issachar Summit, in Southern California on June 4, 2014 at the Crossing Church in Costa Mesa.

The Issachar Initiative is a think-tank designed to serve the Global Church as an advocate for the […]

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